FounderElizabeth D. Devlin, founder of AFAF Inc., has been an avid gardener in several communities for 15 years. Acquiring a BA in Organizational Management, and most recently receiving her Master Gardener Certification July 25,2015, her gardening expertise was obtained through educating oneself, seminars, and experimentation of most gardening techniques. She has been responsible and assisted in the start and instruction of several community gardens, church gardens, and assisted local schools with her school gardening program. Her humble beginnings started with simply encouraging her family, friends, and neighbors to grow their on vegetables, putting emphasis on the importance of good health. AFAF’s belief is that no individual should be hungry or unhealthy. If space is not available we teach alternative methods of gardening such as container gardening or the incorporation of vegetable plants into your landscape. We need the elderly for their wisdom as well as the young to learn and their stamina. With this combination AFAF Inc., can produce lifelong achievements among the community which is our first and foremost priority.