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  Agriculture For All Foundation was created in 2012 out of the heart and mind of founder Elizabeth Devlin with the ultimate goal of feeding the poor and disadvantage, as well as educating the general public on nutrition and healthy eating. AFAF has developed a new program called "SchoolCrops", with the primary objective of promoting healthy eating.   WHAT IS SCHOOLCROPS? SchoolCrops is a hands-on Educational Organic Gardening Program designed for k-12 schools, teaching students how to plant, grow, and harvest vegetables on campus. We provide our children with the knowledge to cultivate, harvest vegetables and educate them on the benefits of healthy eating. Harvested produce will be incorporated into the student’s lunch program. Seed kits, tools and starter plants will be available. HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE ENOUGH SPACE? AFAF will visit your campus and survey the land for all growing possibilities. There is always enough space to grow, whether it’s in pots or a greenhouse. AFAF is there to help you decide. Once your school has adopted a SchoolCrops program, AFAF will custom design and implement with the help of Gardens To Go Incorporated. WHAT IS THE COST FOR A SCHOOlCROPS PROGRAM? The prices for Schoolcrops programs vary based on the school’s demands and needs. Listed below are a few sample scenarios of Schoolcrops programs. School One- has a 10ft by 20ft lot available for planting and has chosen to do outside growing only, for starts. Plants will be grown in containers, as well as small raised beds. This is an ideal program for beginners, but has a limited yield in produce. Its primary function is to educate and stimulate Organic Gardening. It is best to begin this program in the fall because your outside growing season starts in late winter and early spring. School Two- has a slightly bigger lot, 20ft by 35ft, and would like to grow vegetables year round. A green house is constructed providing a controlled environment allowing year round growing. This program is designed for schools seeking to incorporate Organic Gardening as part of the student’s curriculum and to supplement their lunch program. School Three - will grow all plants from seed, learn to transplant them and distribute them to all students to take home for summer gardening. A greenhouse/lab will be set up for germinating and growing seedlings. HOW IS A SCHOOLCROPS PROGRAM FUNDED? Schools can elect to have fundraisers such as Kickstarter to raise money and pay for their School Crops program. AFAF is currently working with the local and federal government to help establish grants and/or vouchers to pay for programs not affordable for some schools. WHO TRAINS THE STAFF TO MAINTAIN THE GARDEN? AFAF Inc. can offer the services needed. WHAT IS THE COST TO MAINTAIN A GARDEN? Cost estimates will be provided. CONTACT US If you are a facility that works with youths and would like to learn more about a SchoolCrops program design just for you, click on the services page and fill out an application for a free on-site consultation and evaluation. Let’s work together to teach our children how to eat healthy and live a sustainable life.

Gleaner's Garden

Expansion Project 2015 - 2016

Gleaner's Garden is a small 1/4 acre garden on a 5 acre lot owned by Central Baptist Church. The gardens are maintained by AFAF in partnership with Central Baptist Church members, and is located adjacent to Central Baptist Church. The property is on a utility easement and cannot be used for permanent construction. AFAF is proposing an expansion of Gleaner's Garden, installing greenhouses for year round growing. The New Gleaner Garden would become an agriculture center teaching food cultivation for all ages. Students and adults from all over can use Gleaner's Garden to help facilitate their own SchoolCrops programs or personal gardens. Produce grown at Gleaner's Garden will be donated to food banks and the needy. The greenhouses will be built on 2 of the 5 acres. The remaining acreage around the greenhouses would be beautifully landscaped, hosting native Arkansas plants as well as the introduction of new plants suitable for the zone. This facility will be open to the public for general touring, and incorporated into our educational system providing students and teachers with hands on organic gardening classes. Botanical and the natural beauty of Gleaner's Garden will blend in well with the surrounding neighborhood and church, and will serve as a model for the type of facility AFAF want to establish throughout the state of Arkansas and beyond. If you are interested in this project and would like to make a DONATON, click the DONATE button at the top of the right side menu.


 Spring 2016

Clinton Elementary  142 Hollywood Ave   Sherwood, Ar. 72120 AFAF Inc. donated over 100 vegetable plants and seed packets for the students to grow at home. They were given information for proper planting and growing. They will also get assistance for their fall garden 2014 along with seeds and plants. Oakbrooke Elementary   2200 Thornhill   Sherwood, Ar. 72120 AFAF Inc. donated over 100 vegetable plants and seed packets for the students to grow at home along with information for proper planting and growing. They will also get assistance for their fall planting beds 2014 d with seeds and plants. Boys and Girls Clubs of America AFAF Inc. donated hundreds of plants and seed packets to the following B & G Clubs of America, alone with information for proper planting and growing, as well as hands on basic gardening instructions.

Jacksonville B & G Club  *  L.R. B & G Club  *  Thrasher B & G Club Benton B & G Club  *  NLR B & G Club