Quarterly Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter

December – February 2023

We at AFAF Inc. were all expecting a successful fall to winter garden until the frigid temperatures in the single digits for days froze every brassica plant. The only survivors are the assorted root plant the carrot.

Therefore, because there is nothing to save, we are preparing the spring garden beds. The raised beds and rows have been cleared. We formed a compost pile from leaves and plants that didn’t survive. So, if your winter garden didn’t survive, get a head start on your spring garden with an early cleanup.

Healthful Gardening Information

Check your zone because if you start plants from seed now may be the time to sow your seeds indoors for your spring gardens. They should be started indoors 2 months before the last frost in your area. Check the back of your seed packs for your zone information.

Happy Gardening,

Elizabeth Devlin

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