Gleaner’s Garden 

Expansion Project – Estimated Completion Date 2025 

Gleaners Garden is a 1/4 acre garden on a 5 acre lot. The garden is maintained by AFAF Inc. Central Baptist Church.

AFAF Inc. is proposing an expansion which will include greenhouses for year round growing and to become an agriculture teaching center. Community organizations and schools will be able to use Gleaners Garden to help facilitate their own programs as well as personal gardens. The remaining acreage around the garden and greenhouses will be landscaped, hosting native Arkansas plants and others that are suitable for our zone. The garden will be available for year round touring.

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PAST PROJECTS (2016 – 2022)


  1. Clinton Elementary – Sherwood, Ar.
  2. Oakbrooke Elementary – Sherwood, Ar.
  3. Sherwood Elementary – Sherwood, Ar.
  4. North Little Rock Highschool – N.L.R., Ar.
  5. Pulaski Academy – Little Rock, Ar.
  6. Compass Academy – Conway, Ar.
  7. Pediatrics Plus – Sherwood, Ar.
  8. Selma’s – Little Rock, Ar.
  9. Ridge Road Elementary – North Little Rock, Ar.
  10. Little Motivators Academy – Jacksonville, Ar.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America & Local Centers

  1. Jacksonville B&G Club
  2. Thrasher B&G Club
  3. Benton B&G Club
  4. Billy Mitchell B&G Club
  5. Hamilton B&G Club

AFAF Inc. donated hundreds of plants and seed packets with information for proper planting and growing. Hands on demonstrations are always provided to the students upon distribution to ensure success when they take the plants home to grow.