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Agriculture For All Foundation (AFAF) Inc. has a mission to provide educational tools to individuals and communities for growth and perpetual sustainability. We accomplish the mission by providing organically grown vegetables and fruits to community organizations. Basic gardening techniques are taught with an emphasis on the importance of good health and nutrition.

The establishment of community gardens will also be encouraged. With the rise of obesity and the high cost of food, personal and community gardening is a proven way to offset some expenses, and is much healthier for the general. One becomes more engaged when they learn and exercise their skills of growing, preparing, and eating organic foods.

AFAF Inc. was established in 2012 to address hunger, obesity, and unhealthy eating habits. The organization has a goal to provide programs, food resources, education, and advocacy to feed Arkansas’s hungry and obese populations especially its most at risk youth, low income, and the elderly.

At AFAF Inc. good health and wholesomeness is promoted through educational training skills development and building, reduction in risky behavior, entrepreneurship and career development. We practice the “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach him how to fish he eats for a lifetime” concept. The organization is committed to community and leadership building. Build community one garden at a time and teach by leading. We believe that each individual should take a certain responsibility in restoring the good economic health of our community either by toiling of the soil or by educating the masses.