Growing, Caring, Harvesting, and Sharing

“I truly believe that no individual should be hungry or unhealthy. If the soil or space isn’t there, alternative methods such as container gardening or incorporating vegetable plants into your landscape is a great substitution. We need the elderly for their wisdom and great secrets as well as the young to learn and their stamina”, quoted by Founder Elizabeth Devlin.Join us at Agriculture For All Foundation (AFAF) Inc. in our quest to spread healthy eating and nutritional facts through education and basic organic gardening techniques. We GROW our vegetables organically; we CARE for our community by educating them about healthy eating; we come together and HARVEST our produce; and we SHARE with those who need it most.

Join us at AFAF in our quest to spread healthy eating through simple gardening. This can be a lifelong journey….one worth traveling. Now is the time for us all to aid and encourage each other to be hale and hearty!!!!!