Quarterly Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter
September-November 2015

Hello everyone, we at AFAF Inc., are pleased with the progress of the transformation of Gleaners Garden. We have installed a wheelchair accessible walkway from the driveway to the beautiful entryway along with flowerbeds and benches. AFAF is staying true to nature so most of our plants will be native to our state. We encourage the public schools as well as community organizations to arrange field trips to the garden to see how we grow and provide for them. Special days will be set aside for the elderly from nursing homes and assisted living facilities because of their invaluable insight about everything.


Helpful Gardening Information

Fall is here the best time of the year to garden because of the transition into cooler weather and better stamina in the outdoors. At AFAF we do encourage succession gardening for year round food consumption. Your growing zone will determine what kind of vegetables for the fall will be most apt to survive during the winter months.

This is Brassica season my favorite, turnips, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli are some of the favorites for the fall. Most all root plants such as beets, carrots, kohlrabi, and turnips will tolerate frost and snow coverage beautifully and deem very tasty for spring harvesting even. Depending on your zone these plants are highly recommended. Don’t forget about your lettuces and different types of greens, mustard, collard and kale also thrive beautifully in the fall, and when frost hits them the flavor is impeccable.

Have a wonderful and productive fall garden and I would love your feedback and questions on anything pertaining to gardening. Come back in December for what’s coming up for spring gardening.

Happy Gardening,
Elizabeth D. Devlin

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